Hilo – F1 Savannah

Hilo the F1 Savannah

TWS was contacted by authorities regarding Hilo, a Savannah after he was trapped.  Hilo was named after the place he was from – Hilo, Hawaii – where it’s illegal to possess a hybrid or wild cat.  He was born in 2006 and came to the sanctuary in 2008.  Savannahs are a cross between domestic cats and African servals. We were happy to accept Hilo into our hybrid program.

Hilo was shy at first but has since found his inner prankster. He loves any enrichment we give him and any he can find on his own, especially taking the top off the food container.  He loves to bite and scratch the enrichment and uses the scratching post to its fullest.  He will sometimes let his caretakers get close enough to pet him or even sit next to them and wait for attention.

You can help provide daily care for Hilo by sponsoring him today.  Your help will be greatly appreciated.