Jade – in memory

Jade the spotted Benga cat

In memory 2012

It is with a heavy heart that we tell you we lost our sweet Bengal cat Jade to cancer this week. Jade had made huge strides in the past couple of year. She arrived back in 2006 along with many other Bengals from a closure of a breeder in Colorado. She was frightened of people and not too social with other cats. She also had a few episodes of seizures and so we had to keep a close eye on her. After about a year with no seizures we decided to try her outside in a bungalow with a quiet group of Bengals. She soon came bounding out of her shell. Not only did she bond with the other cats but she started to want some affection from people, always on her own terms mind you. She had a very endearing way of showing affection by taking little nips on your arm or the other cats. Always at feeding time she would be waiting by the door, nipping at Issy or Max or Mark then bound off towards her food bowl. It warms my heart that she was able to find peace here and let others into her own heart as well. She passed too soon but I am thankful for the years that I spent getting to know her and in the knowledge that she is now forever free to be herself. Jade, we will miss you.


TWS was contacted by a Bengal rescue group in Colorado. A larger breeder was closing down and they needed to place the cats that were not adoptable. They had several Bengals that were unable to be socialized for adoption.  She was born in 2005 and came to the sanctuary in 2007.

Jade is one of the shyest Bengals we have ever received. She was having seizures and getting picked on by the other Bengals. Several vet tests could not determine the reason for the seizures, but once we took her out of the stressful environment, they subsided. Jade now lives with more socialized Bengals.   She is still very shy, but will come around during feeding time to allow the caretakers to look at her.