Jasmine #1 – in memory

Jasmine the brown spotted Bengal catIn Memory

We are very sorry to inform you that Jasmine, our sweet bengal has passed.  Jasmine came to us from a domestic animal shelter after her first two owners gave her up.  She had some litter box issues and could not be adopted out.  She was to be euthanized until we stepped in and opened our hearts to her.  Jasmine was very sweet, and very vocal.  She gave many of our boisterous bengals a run for their money.

It was a very shocking tragedy that took Jasmine’s life.  As a wild cat sanctuary we know that every resident has a wild side even our small hybrids.  For an unknown reason one of Jasmine’s enclosure mates attacked Jasmine in the middle of night.  We believe that when a storm came in Jasmine went to hide in one of the outdoor dens.  She likely frightened the other cat and unfortunately that cat responded with a fight defense.  We will never know what truly happened that night but we know it was devastating.  We do not however hold a grudge for her attacker; it is just part of their nature.  We would never put one of our residents in harm’s way knowingly; we never saw this coming and we are truly heartbroken that it happened to such a sweet girl.  Jasmine will be missed by all.

Jasmine arrived at TWS from a humane society who could not adopt her out due to poor litter box habitats.  She loved her caregivers and was one of the most beautiful bengals you had ever seen.