We received a call from a woman who was frantic and planning to put her F2 Savannah down due to behavioral issues. She had been patient and tried several approaches to try and make Keesa a family pet before sadly feeling her only option was to put her down. Luckily she called TWS as a last resort and we agreed to help.

Keesa is a hybrid but not a Savannah.  She is an F1 Bengal.  She has been through a hybrid rescue group and more than one home which is often the case with the hybrids that are surrendered. It is not fair that a cat caught between two worlds also gets caught up in a system that passes them through several homes.

Sanctuary life will allow Keesa to be wild at heart. Only a few sanctuaries can accommodate the hybrid cats and we are so thankful for those that do.

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Here are some words from the owner’s surrender form:

Thank you sooooo much for all your help.  This all happened so quick, just yesterday I was figuring out how I was going to put her to sleep and today she is starting a new life.

The  only reason I never took her to a vet is because when I got her I was lied to and told she would be a normal cat it would just take couple weeks for her to adjust.  We never thought she was feral or unhandable.  I couldn’t take her to the vet.

She is now urinating on pillows… No one wants her at our house except me. We can’t afford her to keep ruining our things and because no one can handle her or even get next to her, it makes things worse.  She’s just not a family pet.