When we were contacted about taking in a wild cat named Kona, we were told that he was a marbled Bengal.  But, when he arrived, we knew right away that he is actually a marbled Savannah and he weighs over 18 lbs!  His owner surrendered him to a humane society because he was picking on other house pets.  Luckily, a veterinarian referred Kona to Southwest Wildlife who took him in until they could find him a forever home.

Kona is very socialized to people and we are happy to have him at TWS.


Kona has been with us for a few months now and is finally settling in with some of our other hybrids.  Coming from Arizona, we had thought it would take him a bit to get used to our wintery weather but he really is enjoying it.  He also thoroughly enjoys any and all attention.  He is the first to greet keepers in the morning in his bungalow, often wrapping himself around their legs seeing if he can’t trip them up.  So far he prefers to get attention from people rather than his roommates but hopefully with time they will all snuggle up together.  He is a happy cat and is a great addition to our wild family.

You can help provide daily care for Kona by becoming his sponsor.  Your generosity will be greatly appreciated.