Ledger- F1 Savannah

Ledger the F1 Savannah was caught roaming the streets

Ledger is a Savannah Cat (a cross between a Serval and a domestic cat). He was found in a feral cat trap. He had been kept as a “pet” but managed to escape from his owner’s house over six months earlier. The owner said he was not friendly and did not claim Ledger. When rescue and humane societies were contacted to see if they would accept Ledger, they said they could not.  They said he would have to be euthanized because he was a hybrid and unadoptable. Another sanctuary agreed to take Ledger in, but only temporarily, until he could be sent to The Wildcat Sanctuary.

This is a story we’ve heard so often with hybrids.  Be sure to read more about the many problems owners face with hybrids at this link.

Ledger, a Savannah, enjoys a box as much as any cat doesLedger acts very feral and is terrified to be around humans, but he doesn’t seem to mind living with other Savannahs, Chausies and Jungle cats. He was very thin from being on his own so long, but with a nutritious diet and the proper veterinary care at The Wildcat Sanctuary, this problem was easily solved.  Ledger now lives wild at heart in the Hybrid Haven section of the Sanctuary with other hybrids he’s befriended.

Ledger would be happy to have you as his sponsor.  Would you consider opening your heart and helping us support and care for Ledger?