Max #1

Max #1 a brown spotted Bengal cat

TWS was contacted by a Bengal rescue group in Colorado, where a large breeder was closing down and needed to place the cats that were not adoptable. They had several hybrid F3 Bengals that were unable to be socialized for adoption.  Max and his sister Grace were brought to TWS to spend out their full happy lives here.  He was born in 2004 and came to the sanctuary in 2006.

Max and Grace live together in a bungalow with several other cats and lots of room to play.  They have an indoor and outdoor area, which include perches, a hammock, logs, dens, and an in-ground pool to play in.  They also have the comforts of an indoor area to protect them from the harsh Minnesota winter and warm summer days.

You can help provide daily care for Max by sponsoring him today.  Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Max enjoys a summer day