When I saw this little girl was listed as unadoptable, I knew we had to do something. 

She appears to be a domestic Egyptian Mau cat crossed with possibly a later generation Savannah (serval crossed with a domestic cat). At 7 years old, this poor little girl has been through so many owners already.

Transferred to Minnesota from Alabama, we have no idea how many homes she had before that transfer. And in Minnesota, she was already quickly surrendered back to the shelter by one adopter.

With a history of indiscriminate urination, excessive vocalizing, being unsocial and untouchable, crying through the night, what chance did she have of being adopted? Quite honestly, none!

So we interceded on her behalf and she’s safely here now at The Wildcat Sanctuary.

 These are issues we’re used to dealing with and we can patiently work with her to give her a good quality of life. And maybe even companionship with others she’ll enjoy. 

She’s so curious and brave. She has such wide-eyed wonder with the new life ahead of her here! 

We had a poll for our supporters to vote on a name for her. A very meaningful name was chosen for her. We’re happy that a very meaningful name was chosen. She’s now called Safiya, which is Egyptian for “one who is pure.” Since she’s part Egyptian Mau, that name certainly fits her well. 

Safiya had her intake exam and everything appeared fine. She’s very affectionate and sweet, loves attention, and the notes we got on her are correct – she’s a very vocal girl! But we love hearing her “sing” to us. She loves marking everything in her area with her own scent, including her caretakers.

If you’d like to be her sponsor parent, that would be wonderful for little Safiya. You can find out how HERE.