Spartacus the marbled bengal with a disability

This little boy arrived at TWS as a 12-week-old Bengal kitten with a walking disability. One of our supporters contacted us after seeing that the owner was looking for just the right forever home. We contacted the owner who had Spartacus’ mother and both of us agreed that the sanctuary would be a good place for him to grow up.  He was born in 2008 and came to the sanctuary the same year to spend his life at his forever home.  He is affectionately called Sparti by many of the caretakers.

Due to a genetic spine deformity on his vertebrae, his back legs do not work properly. He can prop himself up on both legs, but cannot walk on them. He hops around the enclosure or he drags his back feet. He gets around very well in his non-traditional way and is the boss in his bungalow.  He likes for his caretakers to come in and hang out in the enclosure with him, rubbing his head and talking to him.

You can help provide daily care for Spartacus by sponsoring him today.  Your help will be greatly appreciated

Spartacus takes a break on a cumfy bed

Sparti’s baby photos:

Sparti kitten photo 1 Sparti Kitten Photo 2 Sparti Kitten Photo 3