Tiger a brown spotted Bengal

Tiger is a domestic Bengal cat.  We received a call from a woman on the day she had purchased Tiger. She said that the cat was trying to attack her and she couldn’t keep him.  She threatened to have Tiger euthanized and we immediately accepted him into our program.  He was born in 2005 and arrived here at TWS in 2006.

Tiger is a very friendly cat who enjoys spending time with the keepers, usually jumping on them any chance he gets to ride around on their shoulders.  He is definitely one of the most outgoing hybrids at the sanctuary and loves all caretakers that come into the bungalow.  He has made many friends with other Bengals but his one true love is Grace. They can usually be found chasing each other and hanging out in the sun together on a perch.

You can help provide daily care for Tiger by sponsoring him today.  Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Tiger naps in the sun