Jewel is an absolutely gorgeous F1 Bengal who was adored by her family but they couldn’t keep her inside any longer due to her frequent urinating outside of the litter box.  Jewel’s family bred domestic Bengals and considered breeding earlier generation hybrids until they brought Jewel into their household. After having an F1 Bengal and experiencing the heartache of surrendering Jewel to TWS, they now agree that early generation hybrid cats should not be bred and do not make good house pets.  She was born in 2007 and came to TWS and her forever home in 2010.

Jewel is an extremely shy little girl who would rather not come in contact with people.  She is slowly coming out of her shell and with constant care and compassion has made progress.  She will now come out for a piece of chicken given by caretakers and then will go back to sitting on her perch quietly watching.

You can help provide daily care for Jewel by sponsoring her today.  Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Jewel, F1 Bengal