Phoenix and Bronx F1 Bengals

Phoenix is a first generation (F1) Bengal hybrid, meaning one of his parents was an Asian Leopard Cat and the other was a Bengal Domestic Cat.  Phoenix and his brother, Bronx, were imported from Malaysia to New York.  Phoenix was born in 2003.  Within the first year, authorities seized the pair.  The owner said he had imported them to breed and make money selling small exotic cats.  Little did he know, he had been sent two male cats. The authorities contacted TWS to take in the two brothers in 2004.

Both cats are absolutely gorgeous, but very unsocialized to humans. They live together with other hybrids and domestic Bengals and get along wonderfully. They choose not to want human contact but will accept our presence as long as we have a feather toy in hand.

You can help provide daily care for Phoenix by sponsoring him today.  Your help will be greatly appreciated.