Amos – in memory

Amos the bobcatWe are very sad to have to tell you all that Amos the bobcat has passed.Amos came to us just this year and although he was only here a short time we came to love him very much. He was 15 years old but you would never have known it by the way he acted. He was as spunky as they come. He was such a vocal guy as soon as he stepped out of his crate on the first day he was vocalizing to staff.

He lived next to two other bobcats Henry and Haley. Unfortunately, they did not get along with Amos too well and Amos let them know to stay out of his way. Since Amos was so old, he had some problems with arthritis and spondylosis. Amos began plucking his sides and we thought it had to do with his spinal pain. Dr. Blake came up and did blood work and took some x-rays. We were worried about possible kidney issues but found nothing wrong. Then Monday night one of the keepers went to check on Amos and found him in a spunky mood but with problems standing and walking. He was crated and taken to the vet the next morning where x-rays showed a mass in his abdomen. Amos had intestinal cancer. We did not want him to suffer anymore and helped him pass. It’s hard when they are here for only a short time but Amos adjusted so well and won our hearts right away. We will miss him very much especially his little tail flick during feeding and his cute black nose.

Thank you to his sponsor parents who helped provide him a wonderful life and vet care the short time he was here.

The Wildcat Sanctuary was contacted by a woman from Washington state regarding her pet bobcat. She was going through a divorce and could no longer care for Amos, a 15 year old bobcat. We decided Amos would be a good fit here so once the weather was warm enough to fly he was sent here.

Unfortunately, Amos was poorly declawed and has fairly severe arthritis in his paws. He was very shy at first and would not take any food from us. Finally, after a few days here he decided to eat some tuna mixed with cooked chicken. Talk about a picky eater. Since then he has been eating great and even eating some raw chicken which has more nutritional value than cooked chicken.

We’ve also found that he loves enrichment. Any kind of new scent will make him rub and drool. Even though Amos is 16 years old he is still a little spitfire. He has the most unique voice and is very vocal. He is the newest addition to the bobcats that sing to their food.