Athena the bobcat was a former wild pet

TWS was contacted by another sanctuary that was at full capacity trying to find a home for a privately owned bobcat. Athena’s owner could no longer handle her and needed to place her. He knew he had her illegally so would only provide a limited amount of information about her. He also would not pay transport costs for her to TWS or any other sanctuary. The other sanctuary offered to take her in and provide initial vet care and transport her to TWS. We agreed to offer Athena a home, and she arrived here in 2007.

Athena is very confident for such a small girl. She lives with other bobcats in Wildcat Pines. Athena is curious and intelligent: she loves when her caretakers bring her interesting new enrichment items to paw and claw at.

You can help provide daily care for Athena by sponsoring her today.  Your support is greatly appreciated.