Baby Jenga

Baby Jengal Blue the bobcat was a former wild pet

Baby Jenga, a bobcat, came to TWS in 2003 when he was just six weeks old. An individual in Iowa had purchased him from the internet as a household pet, but found out it was illegal in the Des Moines area and surrendered him. Soon after Baby Jenga arrived, we realized something was wrong. His motor skills were impaired and he wouldn’t eat on his own. After several visits to the vet, it was determined Baby Jenga had brain damage and was touch-and-go for quite some time. Our best guess was that he was dropped during the shipping process from Montana to Iowa when he was just weeks old. However, after receiving many other surrendered bobcats and lynx purchased from the same breeder in Montana, it became clear that many had similar neurological issues. Unfortunately, the breeder is still selling wildcats via the internet.

Happily, Baby Jenga is now doing very well. He still lives alone because his social skills with other cats are not great. He prefers to believe he is a tiger in a bobcat’s body and has always loved watching the big cats here at TWS.

Baby has grown into a strikingly handsome adult bobcat

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Baby - bobcat