In 2010, someone dumped Bella the bobcat off at the Tucson Wildlife Center in Arizona after realizing owning a bobcat was illegal. Being a rehabilitation center, Tucson Wildlife couldn’t keep Bella permanently.  When they contacted us, we were happy to provide a home for her here at The Wildcat Sanctuary.

Bella had severe infections in both ears that caused tissue damage. That’s why both her ears don’t stand up as much as those of other bobcats. But this has never made Bella feel out of place with the other bobcats!

Bella loves to play with paper bags and boxes, along with all her other toys. She’s a very confident girl and likes to “play” with her neighboring bobcats and cougars. She always makes sure to let the caretakers know when it’s lunch time by calling out to them with cute, little mews.

Would you be able to help us provide the much needed daily care for Bella by sponsoring her today?  We’d love to have you as part of The Wildcat Sanctuary family of sponsors.