Benson a wild born bobcatBenson is one of a kind. He is the happiest bobcat you will ever find. We were contacted by a sanctuary in Arizona who heard of a rehabber who needed to find a home for a young bobcat. Benson arrived in 2006 purring and excited to meet his new bobcat friend.

Claud, Benson’s roommate, is a wild born bobcat. When Claud was a kitten, he was found caught and impaled on a fence in California. Wildlife rehabilitators were unable to save his right rear leg and it had to be amputated. This injury meant Claud could no longer be released back into the wild and TWS was contacted.

Now that Claud is living with Benson, he is doing wonderfully and sleeps cuddled up next to Benson. Being wild born, he is still timid of humans, but will come greet us to get his daily meal of chicken or beef.

While Claud is shy, Benson is incredibly charismatic. He uses his good looks and captivating purr to earn the love of his caretakers. Every once in a while, though, mischievous Benson will try to take a playful swipe at his human “prey,” reminding us that every bobcat is wild at heart.

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