Libby the bobcat a former wild pet

The Wildcat Sanctuary never stops helping animals, even on holidays. Never was that more apparent than when Libby, a privately-owned bobcat in Minnesota, was transported to The Wildcat Sanctuary on Memorial Day of 2010.

Her owner contacted the Sanctuary when she was having trouble securing homeowner’s insurance.  It can often be next to impossible to acquire insurance when you own an exotic pet. Libby had been purchased several years earlier from a Minnesota game farm who sold bobcats and lynx as pets.  Breeders and dealers often don’t share problems like this that you might encounter as an exotic cat owner.


Now that Libby is enjoying life at The Wildcat Sanctuary, she lives with other bobcats in a large free-roaming habitat filled with pine trees, perches and hammocks. She is very tolerant of her human caretakers, and gets along excellently with her bobcat roommates. She loves all sorts of enrichment, especially painting with non-toxic vegetable paints, as you can see in this cute photo.

You can help provide daily care for Libby by sponsoring her today.  We need your support in order to provide Libby with the best in veterinary care, a nutritious diet, a large free-roaming habitat, and all the enrichment that makes her life in captivity the best it can be.