Nikko the bobcat a former wild pet in Iowa

Nikko was owned by a private citizen in Iowa. After she and her boyfriend broke-up, he threatened to turn her in for illegally owning a bobcat. She was worried Nikko may be seized and put down.  So in 2004, Nikko came to live at The Wildcat Sanctuary.

Rio NikkoNikko has never gotten along with the other bobcats at the Sanctuary.  But, we soon realized he seemed to like African servals instead. That’s why Nikko now lives with a serval and thinks it’s just grand. Like most cats, his favorite toy is anything that happens to be covered in catnip.

Early in 2006, we almost lost Nikko. We noticed that he was chasing his tail frantically and had body tremors. Our veterinarian did an entire physical, blood work-up and x-rays and still could not determine what was causing the neurological symptoms.




An appointment was made at the University of Minnesota and they performed a CAT scan and spinal tap on Nikko. All tests came back normal. All we could do was watch Nikko, day-to-day and ensure he had a great quality of life. Just when we almost gave up hope, his symptoms subsided and he began to heal himself. He is back to his normal self, with the exception of a small tail twitch. The vets now assume it was a lesion somewhere on the spinal cord from a fall, or other minor accident that must have healed itself, but we will never know for sure. We are just thankful for each day he is with us.

As you can imagine, Nikko’s medical care has been quite expensive.  Besides the daily care we provide for our cats, your sponsoring Nikko helps us pay for these unexpected additional medical expenses we often face.  Won’t you consider becoming part of our family of sponsors?

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