Andre the cougar from Canada.

Andre is all grown up~ Andre, a cougar, has grown into a wonderful adult cougar. He lives with several other cougars in a large free roaming habitat in Cougar Cove. He is the clown of the group and never misses a chance to play. Andre is still very socialized to humans and chirps loudly at the sight of his care givers.

Andre and his four habitat buddies, Donoma, Langley, Carlo and Noah, are all wild born cougars that were orphaned in the wild. We are saddened that these five cougars could not experience living free as nature intended, but we are happy we could provide them a place to be wild at heart.

ALT Text10/14/2009 ~ Andre, who arrived from BC Canada last week, is one of the happiest cubs in the world. He loves to explore and turn everything he sees into a toy or jungle gym. He is very proud of his wrestling skills he’s learned from his stuffed toy tiger. He chirps at his caregivers constantly and loves to be the center of attention.

He’s been curious about the three little cougar cubs, but they are still too small to be good playmates. While Andre waits for them to catch up, he is honing his cougar skills with his toy mobile, stuffed toys and balls. As you see in the photo, he loves playing with his stuffed tiger toy.

He is quite the ham and reminds us a lot of Nokomis when he was young. We are so excited to have Andre as part of the TWS feline family.

10/7/2009 ~ A five-week old cougar barely old enough to see is now safe after being left to fend for itself earlier this season.

The Conservation Officer Service (COS) received reports of the kitten’s lone presence on the Mamquam Forest Service Road in British Columbia, Canada.

“The kitten was most likely on its own for three to four days and was emaciated and dehydrated, but still pretty feisty,” stated Bear Aware organizer Meg Toom in a mass email.”

The COS and volunteers eventually collected the kitten and transported it to a veterinary hospital in Langley. It was then brought to Langley’s Critter Care Wildlife Society for rehabilitation. But the cougar will never again live in the wild, said COS officer Byron Andres.

“As a rule cougars aren’t reintroduced into the wild,” he said.

Critter Care was tasked with finding a suitable place for the kitten to live, and the COS had reserved the right to veto any decision to ensure the best future for the animal. Both parties agreed to place Andre at The Wildcat Sanctuary in Minnesota.

Andre has been diagnosed with Metabolic Bone Disease and had fractures in both front legs. He is on the mend and TWS will ensure proper ongoing treatment for the disease.

Andre’s story is helping to teach people in Canada how to co-exist with wild cougars.  He is even featured in a brochure.

Making the commitment to take in a cub like this means a lifetime financial commitment of 20+ years of care. Andre would love to have you as his sponsor.  You’ll receive photos, email updates, and greeting cards from him as his sponsor.  Having your support would be so greatly appreciated!