Levi – in memory

Levi the strong willed cougarFor the Love of Levi

Levi’s friends and caretakers helped him pass over in the fall of 2007. His legs really gave out and it came to the point he could barely walk. His kidneys and liver were also compromised. He was ready, we were not – but we respected his wishes. He was a majestic and wise man and will forever be with us.  He shared so much of his strength with us.

Levi, who was of the oldest residents at the Wildcat Sanctuary, has passed over the rainbow bridge. He is now in a place where he can run without pain, his spirit guides beside him, a place where he can truly be wild at heart.

LeviLevi was the first cougar to find a home at TWS, and the story of his beginnings is unfortunately yet another tragic one. He was rescued from one terrible abuse situation and placed into another, which was apathetic to his special needs. Luckily The Wildcat Sanctuary rescued him and gave him a safe haven. Somehow Levi knew he had landed in the right place and over the many years of care he became able to open his heart again. He was very patient with every move, from Georgia to Minnesota, Isanti to Sandstone, from one spot to next.

In Isanti he became more curious, meeting up with Max in the next enclosure and playing ‘nose,’ and brave, peeking around the corner to sneak a glimpse of Meme the tiger, and trusting, listening quietly when someone read to him. In Sandstone he loved to sit under a favorite tree and watch the goings-on and was especially on alert when the food bucket came around, even if he’d already had his share!

Unfortunately the original abuse had taken a toll on his body. He had always had trouble with his back and legs, but he started to have extreme difficulty walking. We do not always have the chance to let them chose when it is their time, but Levi let us know and allowed us to give him the dignity he deserved in his passage.

Levi’s Story

Levi, is a very shy cougar that came from a wildlife park. Park staff loved him, but Levi did not like to be on display because of past abuse from a private owner. He stayed in his den most of the time when the public came to visit. The park decided it was time to provide Levi with a different environment and placed him at our sanctuary.

Levi now has a large outdoor enclosure with access to the barn. He loves women but is very shy with men. He is a very special guy and near and dear to all of our hearts.