Misha the cougar was a former wild pet

Misha, a cougar,was two months old when she was placed with us in 1999 by Georgia U.S. Fish and Wildlife. A private citizen purchased her illegally as a pet and was given ten days to place her with a licensed facility. TWS was recommended as a facility that would be able to provide Misha with a lifetime of care.

Just a few days after Misha was placed with TWS, she became lethargic and vomited frequently. Shortly after, she went through emergency surgery due to an intestinal blockage. While living in her previous owner’s home Misha had eaten many household items that became lodged in her intestine. Since the initial surgery, Misha has undergone two additional surgeries to help correct the damage.

Due to Misha’s condition, extra care is taken to make sure she is not given any object which she may ingest that would cause further damage. Therefore, Misha’s enrichment program includes items such as phone books, vegetables, and meat hidden inside cardboard boxes, all safe items for her to do as she pleases with. Misha thoroughly enjoys ripping apart boxes and tearing each page out of phone books creating quite a mess throughout her habitat. Misha has overcome a great deal and grown into a beautiful adult cougar living with a roommate Max, a Eurasian Lynx.

You can help provide daily care for Misha by sponsoring her today.  Your support is greatly appreciated.