Denali the African serval was a former wild petDenali and another African serval were seized by the US Fish and Game Department in Arizona.

Denali is a very large male serval and kept reminding the other servals of just that, so we tried him with O’Malley, ouDenalir other dominant male. They tolerate each other very well, but refuse to become friends. They take turns playing with the toys and they each have picked their own perch in the heated building.

Denali is pretty calm tempered, considering he’s one of the biggest male servals.  But, everything changes when the keepers are around or it’s feeding time.  Then, he’s very vocal, screaming to get attention.  Let’s just say that he has a very big mouth!

If you look closely at hiDenali July 2012s nose, you’ll notice that there’s a star print on it.  When we received his paperwork after he was confiscated, it was difficult to read his name.  It appeared to be Denali, so that’s what we called him.  It wasn’t until sometime later that his original owner tracked him down to our Sanctuary and informed us his name was actually Denari.  He was named for a star system.

But, by that time, he and all of us were used to the name Denali.  It seemed fitting that this new name truly meant a fresh start and a better life for him here at the Sanctuary, so it stuck.