Lizzy the African serval was found roaming the streetsAuthorities were called to a residence to capture a serval which had escaped from a neighborhood apartment complex. City ordinances prohibit possession of wildcats such as this African serval and the cat was taken to the Humane Society.

TWS took this little girl in. She was treated for severe ear mites, intestinal parasites and needed stitches for a wound on her front leg.

Now Lizzy is one of the happiest servals you will meet. She loves to play with anything and everything. A blade of grass or stick can keep her amused for hours. She lives with other servals and a caracal in a large outdoor habitat with access to a heated, indoor building.

Lizzy’s capture was captured on video and aired on KSTP Channel 5.

Warning: Some images in the video are graphic. You may view the video at the link below.