Mufasa the African serval was privately ownedMorocco and Mufasa’s story is best told by a letter we received from their previous owner.

I am the owner of two African servals… I found you in my search to find them a new home, and feel you may be able to help me. Please let me explain. I love my cats with all my heart and soul and am devastated that I cannot keep them. I am 18 and soon to leave for college…My reasoning for wanting to give them a new home is that I feel they are wild animals and need more freedom than I can give them. In fact, I feel that these beautiful creatures should never be kept in captivity at all, but now it is too late.

My Servals were given to me by my father who loves to give extravagant gifts, but did not realize that they should have acres to run…This choice is breaking my heart and I will forever dedicate time and resources to reserves and zoos, like yourself. And also in educating people that no matter how kind you can make an animal, wild animals should never be made household pets. They are so great and deserve so much, much more.

Morocco and Mufasa now live with several other servals in a large free-roaming outdoor habitat. They also have access to a temperature-controlled, indoor building where they cuddle up with the other sanctuary servals.  They have places to climb, pools to splash in, the shade of large trees to nap under, hammocks to sway in the breezes.  Here, they are allowed to live wild at heart.

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Zepo watches as Mufasa paints with his body, instead of his paws.