Sebastia the serval at TWS

Sebastian, an African serval, was found roaming the suburban streets of Michigan. Once authorities found him, they placed him with the Washington Park Zoo hoping he’d enjoy living out his life there.

Unfortunately, Sebastian didn’t enjoy other servals or being watched by zoo visitors. Instead, he was looking for a quiet home with no public access.

Luckily, The Wildcat Sanctuary agreed to provide a home for him. And since TWS in not open to the public, it was a perfect forever home! He arrived spitting and hissing, and hasn’t stopped since.

He’s not an unhappy cat, he just wants everything his way and it can never happen fast enough. And after many years, Sebastian’s realized that the company of other cats may not be so bad after all. He still doesn’t want company from other servals. Instead, he seems to have taken a fancy to bobcats, especially little Luna!

Ever since he became friends with Luna, he’s learned to enjoy the simple things in life such as cuddling in his hammock, sun bathing, and rolling in musky smells. Of course, he still demands the highest service from his caretakers, but now he demands it for himself and Luna.

If you’d consider helping us by becoming Sebastian’s sponsor parent, that would make such a difference for him!  You can sponsor him here.


Sebastian enjoys enrichment LR Sebastian with enrichment LR