The call came in that 10 exotic cats were in need of rescue after their owner was hospitalized for a drug overdose.  The conditions of the house, from an African serval and nine Savannah cats scratching, defecating and urinating, left them no choice but to condemn the house.

Even though we’d just taken in the five lions from Argentina and I was out of town at the Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance conference, I immediately agreed to help all the cats. I was informed the Savannah cats already had a place to go. But placement was still needed for the serval.

He was described as a 4-5 year-old male, who was very frightened and hissing.  No other information was known, including his name.

That evening, he arrived at the Sanctuary still scared and unsocialized.  He appears in good condition and has a healthy appetite.  He will receive an intake exam this week where we’ll determine if he’s intact or declawed.  We suspect that he may have been bred with the Savannahs.

Thanks to your continued support, we’re happy we could help this boy. His world was just turned upside down.  I’ve decided to name him Zambuca, after the very first African serval I ever met.  It’s a strong name and will fit him perfectly once he gains his confidence back.

Welcome to your forever home Zambuca!

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