Donors stand behind Tammy and The Wildcat Sanctuary

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To fellow donors and supporters,

This truly saddens me that I have to write this letter.  I’m what some would call a ‘big donor’ I guess to The Wildcat Sanctuary. In the past few weeks many accusations have been publicly aimed at The Wildcat Sanctuary Founder and Executive Director Tammy Thies—none of them good, and some of them cruel.   Much misinformation has also been spread around that perhaps has caused some to pause a bit about whether they should continue to support TWS.  I felt I had to write this letter; from me, a donor, to fellow donors and supporters of TWS.

When the allegations were first brought to the attention of the board months ago, there was a lot of discussion and an independent audit was commissioned that disproved the charges. Still the ugliness continues towards Tammy. This is so very sad, that a woman who has sacrificed so very much for TWS should come under fire because of the handy work of some now-former employees and volunteers.

My husband and I have been supporters of TWS and Tammy for about 10 years.  We have always believed in Tammy and the organization—we still do.  I am going to sing the praises of this remarkable woman and her dedication to the wild cats at TWS. She has been and is 100% dedicated to the animals. When I think back to where TWS was started and where it is today there has been one constant—Tammy. Yes, there were many others involved, staff (in the later years), lots of volunteers and donors. I truly believe that the donors and volunteers became involved because of Tammy’s passion and truly, her love of these cats. She saw a need and she moved forward with it, something we couldn’t have done.

Through all of this, our faith in Tammy has NEVER wavered. Yes, we’ve hit a rough patch here, but we will overcome it and come out of it a stronger TWS.

I certainly hope you can take a moment to think about what we believe in here, and continue to support and endorse an amazing organization. The cats need our continued support and we need Tammy’s leadership to continue to make TWS all that it can be for the animals.  Dan and I will continue with monetary support and our faith in Tammy and TWS runs very deep.

Dan and Sue Schmitt

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