Sabrina, the tiger, update

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It’s been just one week now since Sabrina has been with us and while she is calming down a little, there is still a long road ahead for both her and staff. Imagine living in a small cage with only concrete under your feet; having one person care for you your entire life. Imagine not knowing what it means to be a tiger and having no concept of what is beyond your four walls. Now imagine being shot by a dart gun, separated from your sons, brought to three different places, and bombarded with strange faces of people who know little about you. That is just a little of what Sabrina has been through in the last couple of weeks. While she had some visible wounds when she came, it is the emotional scarring that needs the most time to heal.

Unloading Sabrina at The Wildcat Sanctuary

Unloading Sabrina at The Wildcat Sanctuary

Sabrina was very calm and quiet during the long journey to Minnesota. We checked on her at every stop along the way to ensure her safety. It was a stressful twenty minutes to wheel Sabrina to her new enclosure and after she was let out we all decided it was best to just give her some time to herself. The next day, the keepers needed to do a little work around her enclosure. She was upset at first, but soon settled down. As they worked, she relaxed in the grass even biting at the flies. She took a few naps and left us alone. That was the best day she has had. For the most part, she stays away from us and we are just fine with that. She is fed twice daily as she needs to put on some weight. She is eating great but does not want to come and get the food from us. We are going to take our time with her and let her tell us when she is ready for more socialization.

We just have to remember that she has no idea where she is or why she was taken from her home. She doesn’t know who we are and likely associates us with all that has gone wrong. We are very hopeful in time that she will forgive us and know that we just want the best life possible for her. Thank you to everyone who has helped to get Sabrina here and everyone who is as worried about her as we are. We will do our best to keep you updated just know that it will take time and that we are giving her the space we feel she needs right now.

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