Sanctuaries around the country step-up to support The Wildcat Sanctuary

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The care of the cats has alwaphotoys been the top priority at The Wildcat Sanctuary, and today is no different.

“During this time of transition, we are so grateful to the amazing sanctuaries who have stepped up to ensure excellent care for our rescued residents.  They are taking time out of their busy schedules and own sanctuaries to help our animals, and I cannot express my appreciation enough,” said Executive Director Tammy Thies.

This highly-qualified team of professionals from across the country has been assembled to facilitate on-site care while following existing protocols to ensure the smoothest transition possible for the animals.  There are three full-time keepers on site every day, making sure the animals are calm, healthy, and receiving appropriate care, food, enrichment and all prescribed medicines.  The Executive Directors from three other sanctuaries are consulting with us on the future plan and structure for the long-term sustainability of TWS.

Patty Finch, Executive Director of the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) said, “The support The Wildcat Sanctuary is receiving from other sanctuaries around the country is a testimony to the high esteem in which both TWS and Tammy Thies are held.  Big cat sanctuaries around the U.S. have seen Tammy Thies give generously of her time to help cats in need, like those at the failed Wild Animal Orphanage, where she was one of two people chosen by the USDA to head up relocation efforts for 327 animals.”



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