Scared Cougar Cubs Had No One — So They Made Their Own Family

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Four cougar kittens who lost everything — including their mothers and their freedom to roam in the wild — are now recovering from their various traumas, together, as a solid family unit.

Snow and Storm were the first two cougar kittens to arrive at Minnesota’s Wildcat Sanctuary.

Cougar kittens

“They were seen eating a carcass near a road and a homeowner was concerned,” Tammy Thies, founder and executive director of the sanctuary, told The Dodo. “So they started trying to trap the cats and they were able to catch Storm right away, but Snow escaped capture for a couple of days.”

“The other two [cougars] came in a few months later,” Thies said. Aspen and Blaze, who also hail from Washington, lost their mother after she was shot down for attacking a goat on a homeowner’s property. Thies said the sanctuary decided to take the orphans in, with a plan to merge them with Snow and Storm.

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