Scarlet the clouded leopard recovers from surgery

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Emergency surgery was performed on Scarlet the clouded leopard today after a medicaDSC_0010_837El exam confirmed pyometra. Pyometra is an infection of the uterus that occurs because of hormonal changes in a cat’s reproductive tract.

Scarlet is not spayed unlike the majority of our residents who are spayed/neutered upon arriving at the sanctuary. That decision was made by medical experts since Scarlet had so many other health issues that needed immediate attention when she arrived at the Sanctuary.

Scarlet is receiving the best of care and being monitored ongoing by her caregivers.  With so many supporters, we are hoping each of you will send good thoughts for a quick recovery.  We are optimistic but also realize this was a serious surgery.

Scarlet, who arrived shy and elusive, has come out of her shell.  She naps up high on her hammock and loves to scratch her log.  We hope she will be back out in her habitat very soon.


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