Scarlet the Clouded Leopard’s Surgery a Success!


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For those of you who don’t know Scarlet’s story, she came to us with a horrible infection on her rear end. This was likely due to incontinence which could be from a genetic malformation.  We have been treating this with antibiotics for months and finally it was cleared up enough for her to undergo surgery for a more permanent health solution.  Thanks to Dr. Scott Hammel of Veterinary Surgical Specialists, Scarlet can now enjoy life pain free.  Dr. Hammel performed an epiosoplasty which will allow Scarlet to urinate more freely thus preventing urine building up on her rear end causing the infection.  Scarlet has endured so much in her lifetime that finally giving her this basic freedom from pain is truly a blessing.  Her surgery went very  well and she is on the road to recovery.  She will receive a check-up in two weeks to make sure everything is healing as it should be.

Scarlet_Clouded Leopard  Scarlet_Veterinary_Procedure

The future here for Scarlet looks bright.  We are currently working on her new habitat and as soon as she is all healed she will be free to enjoy the great outdoors once again.  Two of our fantastic volunteers built her a special log jungle gym to stretch her wild side on, with high climbing logs and private coves to lounge under.  Scarlet remains a very private, shy cat but we are hoping that with her new pain free life and new habitat to explore she will break out of her shell be the wild cat she deserves to be.



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