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Noah_poolSummer may be playtime for the cats but, for us  it’s our busiest season!  We have a few short months to get a lot of work done to better the lives of our residents.

And thanks to your support, we are accomplishing so much for the cats in our care this summer!  Along with maintenance, daily care, enrichment, cleaning and refilling pools, feeding and vet care, we still find time to put more of your generous dollars into habitat enhancements and more.

In addition to our Wild Spaces campaign for our tigers, so much has gotten accomplished in other areas of the Sanctuary.

Many cats have received additional platforms for perching up high.  They also use them as shady spots for cat naps or to use as steps for those that need a little assistance.

stairs     lion_stairs









The Small Cat Track animal building has been renovated both indoors and out.  Since mold had been discovered in the building, for the safety of the animals, it had to be gutted.  The new and improved areas will have individual rooms for the cats and is waterproof to prevent any future mildew or mold.










The outdoor serval and bobcat habitats were shifting due to the old concrete.  We are demolishing two habitats at a time and reconstructing better areas for them, too.  The walls will be 4 feet taller, allowing the cats to use more vertical space than before.









Baby Jenga has moved to a larger free-roaming habitat with a new jungle gym.  This was a double benefit since it meant another cat could be moved to Baby Jenga’s former large habitat, too. We have a new free-roaming habitat for bobcats in Feline Meadows well underway.  This area is four times the size of the current bobcat habitats and they will be able to move in before fall arrives. Two outdoor areas in Hybrid Haven were also expanded to give cats more natural space to play in and enjoy.








Volunteers help keep all areas of the Sanctuary beautiful including the Memorial Pavilion and Garden.  This is an area where we remember our loved ones who have left us.  Donors can also honor their own loved ones through our Commemorative Brick Program in this peaceful, serene area of the Sanctuary.












Safety equipment is also a priority at our Sanctuary.  Your gifts have helped us purchase a new big cat transport crate, a heating and air conditioning unit for our rescue trailer, and a back-up generator for the sanctuary to ensure the heat and electric work in case of an emergency.  Keeping the public and our cats safe is a first priority.








Can you believe all you’ve helped us do so far – and it’s only July!

We know that none of this would be possible without YOU! We thank you so much for your continued support of our mission and care for the cats.

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