Surly Brewing Company features beer to benefit The Wildcat Sanctuary – Urine Trouble

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SurlyTaproom Feature: Urine Trouble

From Surly Brewing Company

An interestingly named beer for a great cause. Last month, our friends at Northdown Café and Taproom in Chicago hosted their 2nd annual fundraiser for The Wildcat Sanctuary located in Sandstone, Minnesota. The Wildcat Sanctuary has been providing a permanent home for all sized wildcats and hybrid cats that have been rescued or surrendered from a variety of conditions. Hybrid cats are often surrendered because of urinating in inappropriate locations, like a couch or a stove top, so you get the idea how this name came about.

Surly Brewing’s distribution doesn’t reach to Chicago, so we were unable to send beer to the event. Chris Boggess, Three Floyds’ head brewer and Todd Haug, Surly Brewing’s head brewer, came up with a way for Surly to contribute to the fundraiser – a collaboration beer between Surly Brewing and the Indiana brewery, brewed at their place. In April, Todd and Chris came up with the recipe for Urine Trouble and brewed a batch ready for the fundraiser at Northdown on June 5, where over $10,000 was raised and donated to The Wildcat Sanctuary.

After the event, Todd brewed his own batch of Urine Trouble back here in Minnesota, which he calls an Imperial Brett IPA. He says the brettanomyces yeast creates “earthy barnyard notes along with pineapple-cherry pie aromas and flavors.” Simcoe and Chinook hops give it what he describes as a “cat peed on the Christmas tree” aroma.

You can grab a Urine Trouble at the Surly Taproom, and we’ll be donating $1 to The Wildcat Sanctuary for every glass of Urine Trouble sold until we run out. The beer will be $5 for 10 oz. See you drinking!

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