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Every year, thousands of big cats are sold as pets.  What happens to these animals is criminal. Some are abused or neglected, others are simply abandoned. All are denied their right to be wild. The Wildcat Sanctuary hopes to change all that. Our mission is simple: to provide a natural sanctuary to wild cats in need and inspire change to end the captive wildlife crisis.  You can help.  Keep the wild in your heart, not your home and take the pledge today! Your support will decrease the number of wild animals purchased as pets and increase our ability to help more wild cats in need of rescue.

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Sabrina_sumatran_bengal_grassWhen Sabrina arrived at The Wildcat Sanctuary, we didn’t think she would ever heal from her physical and emotional wounds, let alone thrive. Who would have thought that a tortured, frightened, privately owned tigress, so fearful of people that she self-mutilated, would one day trust her caregivers and enjoy kinship of another tiger?

Sabrina clearly had hope in a miracle…and so did the thousands of Wildcat Sanctuary supporters who were cheering her on during her road to recovery. There are other big cats that were former pets, like Sabrina, that still need our help. Can they count on your support?

Sabrina now lives as free as she ever will be at TWS. But there are many tigers, lions, cougars and other wild cats that aren’t so lucky.

You can help. Simply take the pledge above to keep the wild in your heart, not your home. Then by donating today you can join this critical mission.

Together we can bring about a time when there are No More Wild Pets. There is much to be done to make this happen but each person who joins the fight brings our shared goal closer.

Recently, there have been strides toward ending the wild animal pet trade through proposed state and federal legislation. As this much needed legislation is passed, it is likely there will be increasing numbers of confiscated or abandoned exotic animals. Critical to this will be the provision of accredited, secure facilities like TWS, to provide rescue services and appropriate life-long care for all wild cats.

By supporting No More Wild Pets, you are sending a clear message to the world that big cats are not appropriate pets. Your donation will fund programs that give a second chance to all wild cats. It will also help educate the public and promote new legislation.

Take the No More Wild Pets pledge today; help other cats like Sabrina from being abused or neglected. Please make your pledge and donation today!