Texas cats making themselves at home in Minnesota

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Layla the 19 year old tiger

The third wave of Texas cats are finally at home at The Wildcat SanctuaryTsavo, a lioness, and Kita, a tiger are the best of friends and loaded easily for the trip to Minnesota.  19-year-old tiger, Layla, had to be sedated but it gave us the opportunity to perform a full exam.  Given her age she has kidney disease and a tumor in her colon, but we still hope she will be with us for several years. 

Our Sanctuary accepted a total of nine cats from The Wild Animal Orphanage in Texas who will be closing its doors.  I am so grateful that so many organizations, donors and volunteers came together to help the animals.  When I first received notice of the facility’s closure there were over 400 animals in need of a new home. Now, there are less than 150 and we all are still working on placing as many animals in reputable facilities as possible.  In the meantime, the board and staff of WAO will care for the remaining animals as long as funding permits. 

Tsavo the lioness

This journey has been a true test.  Our small sanctuary originally went to help a few animals, but once we met the caretakers and saw the faces of all the animals still in need, we couldn’t walk away.  We agreed to take in 3 more big cats as well as volunteer to coordinate placements of other animals. The WAO care staff has been amazing and giving all they can to the animals with limited resources. The cats chuff and rub as the keepers walk by and you can see they have a true affection for each other. I can’t imagine how bittersweet it is for the WAO keepers to see so many of the animals they have cared for leave.  It was a selfless act to let them start a new chapter in their life vs. waiting for the funds to run out and the animals suffer.

With your ongoing support, we can truly provide a natural, open space for all the new tigers and bobcats in Wild Woodlands.  Wild Woodlands is a new area of the sanctuary that will be constructed similar to Cougar Cove.  It will have a central building for den areas and spoked habitat areas off of it.  Each cat will have a free-roaming habitat that provide them with the largest space they have ever had in captivity.  We will be breaking ground this week and setting posts for the first new tiger enclosure.  Transporting the cats was only the first step of their new life. Vet examinations and spays will take place for them beginning this weekend. Heated dens, perches and toys have been provided in temporarpy habitats in Cougar Cove and quarantine.  And construction will continue through winter.  You can help by donating today!

Zeus the Bengal tiger

Our commitment to the remaining animals at WAO has not wavered. Though, we are at capacity and cannot accept anymore at TWS, we will continue to facilitate placements elsewhere and provide vet care and food supplies if needed.

Together, we have all made such a big difference in so many lives of animals in need. I can’t thank everyone enough who continues to come forward to help.

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