The real A-CAT-emy Awards show premieres at The Wildcat Sanctuary

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The film industry’s Academy Awards show will be on soon, but why wait for the glitz and glam?

If you’re wild about cats, you won’t want to miss tuning into The Wildcat Sanctuary’s very own A-CAT-emy Awards show. The nominees for many different CAT-egories come from all walks of life. Like celebrity Oscar nominees, the felines chosen by the A-CAT-emy purred and roared to reporters that it was an honor just to be nominated for the coveted TWS Bosco statues.

Best Hair and MakeupThe competition became fierce as the felines were announced in each of these hilarious CAT-egories:

Best Hair & Makeup
Best Special Effects
Best Love Scene
Best Score
Best Comedic Performance
Best Supporting Role

Put on the popcorn and get ready for an award show you’ll want to watch over and over. Host a real A-CAT-emy Awards party with your friends and they’ll be talking about this one for years to come!!

A special Bosco statue to our wonderful film producers at HDMG for this fantastic video! 

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