The Wildcat Sanctuary announces names for new resident white tiger cubs

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It’s been an exciting week for two white tiger brothers who arrived recently at The Wildcat Sanctuary.  They came from an exhibit facility that used to breed tigers but has signed a contract to no longer breed tigers. You can read more about how they ended up at the Sanctuary HERE.

After a 10-day fundraising event, the Sanctuary is happy to announce the brothers have finally been named. Thanks to the eBay bidding for naming rights, over $3,000 was raised toward their care!


Tigers in America placed the winning bid to name the smaller of the two tiger brothers and chose Jeremy as his name.  They chose Jeremy to honor one of their original Tigers in America team members. Jeremy and his brother Tim are responsible for the rescue film 39 TIGERS – the story of the largest tiger rescue in US history. Tigers in America, a non-profit organization, is very active in supporting the “best tiger sanctuaries in the country.”


Julie and Larry Hanan won the honor of naming the bigger brother and chose Simon as his name.  The Hanans are longtime supporters of The Wildcat Sanctuary and very active animal advocates.  When asked why they chose that name, they shared “our Simon left us far too soon, passing away from lymphoma at a very young age.  We know this little cub Simon will have many years ahead of him and we’ll get to watch him grow into a strong, happy tiger. Knowing there’s another Simon in our lives – especially at a place as wonderful as The Wildcat Sanctuary, is the best part.”

Simon and Jeremy were very excited to move into their outdoor quarantine habitat, too. Most of the photos the caretakers took of their first moments were a bit blurry because the cubs were so busy running from toy to tree to den to perch to hanging enrichment, up and down and all around. The excitement they have for their new home is so heartwarming!

As they grow, the brothers will be living in this area for the next few months and then they’ll be moved to a permanent habitat in the Wild Woodlands area of the Sanctuary where the other tigers live.

It will be a special moment when that happens, when the two boys will get to live among others of their kind.  So stay tuned….



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