The Wildcat Sanctuary coordinates rescue of nine animals in need

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The Wildcat Sanctuary coordinates rescue of nine animals in need

There is so much more to running a sanctuary than just the daily care and chores we’re able to share with you in pictures and stories. What goes on behind the scenes is even more incredible work.

OshaSeveral months ago, we received a call from Tigers In America asking us to coordinate a national rescue. An owner of a facility in Alabama was ready to surrender her animals. This isn’t an easy task and is a huge commitment of time and resources. But, when the clock is ticking for animals in distress, everything else gets put aside.

It’s taken countless phone calls, messages, and emails coordinating sanctuary directors, funders, transport companies, veterinarians, authorities and onsite caretakers to make this rescue a reality. The Wildcat Sanctuary’s Director, Tammy Thies, was placement coordinator for the majority of the animals. TWS also offered a home to a lion and tiger but luckily sanctuaries closer had space. Putting all the pieces together, making sure the schedules, endless details, and each organization’s priorities are all met can sometimes become a Herculean task. Each day has brought new challenges. At so many moments, it could have all fallen apart. Tara

But, we wouldn’t let that happen.  Too much was at stake.

We’re happy to share that, after several weeks of finalizing details, four tigers, two wolves, two lions and a cougar are all on their way to wonderful sanctuaries across the country this week. We’re so appreciative that Popcorn Park, Carolina Tiger Rescue, and Big Cat Rescue stepped up to help these animals in need. Loving Friends Transport is, as we write, providing safe passage for some and Tigers In America covered the cost of transport for many of these animals, too.

Animal Warriors construction LR_IMG_0744Having sanctuaries come together in this cooperative way is what these animals had to have happen – in order to save their lives. Through all of this, we’ve continued working hard on the construction projects and habitat improvements we’ve started. Our building season is very short and we want to make sure we’re ready by the Fall to help with a habitat when the next rescue call comes in. How we wish those calls would stop coming in, but sadly, they don’t.

It’s your support that allows us to help animals in need and to educate so many about the captive wildlife crisis we face. Thank you for being such an important part of our rescue efforts.  Without you, it would be impossible to accomplish all we do on behalf of animals everywhere.

Please donate today to help with our mission and be a part of our rescue team.

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