The Wildcat Sanctuary has 2 new family members – NBC VIDEO INTERVIEW with Tammy Thies

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The Wildcat Sanctuary of Minnesota is taking in one of their most traumatized tigers, along with a cougar, after a previous rescue in Ohio.

Tammy Thies, Director of the Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone, joined KARE 11 News @4 to show off their newest members.

Nikita, a tigress, is fearful of humans. Tasha, a cougar also made the trip from Ohio.

“I’ve spoken to owners of wild animals for over a decade but none as compassionate and selfless as this,” said Thies, referring to the previous rescuer of Nikita. “She wanted what was best for these animals.”

Both animals had controversial, abusive pasts. Nikita was first owned by Sam Mazzola, a notorious ex-con who allowed people to wrestle his bears for money, who bred and sold tigers, who traveled and exhibited his animals, forced to live in filthy cages, starving and fighting for their food.

Tasha spent nine years living in a private owner’s garage. She escaped, wandering the streets; an unreported threat to public safety. She came home on her own, hungry and scared and was then confiscated.

Diana Pierce – KARE11 NEWS -GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. –

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