The Wildcat Sanctuary needs your help to rescue three Texas tigers.

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Won’t you help by donating today!

The Wildcat Sanctuary is and always will be a forever home for unwanted, mistreated and abused wild cats. We have received hundreds of calls about cats in need over the years and while we wish we could give them all a forever home there is just too many. That is why we assist in the placement of animals at other facilities. However, we received a call recently that one such place, Wild Animal Orphanage in Texas, was closing down. We knew we had to help. We never forget the animals we help rescue and are committed to them for life even if they live at another sanctuary.

We knew that Wild Animal Orphanage was going to need more help than we could give them over the phone. Tammy Thies, the director of The Wildcat Sanctuary, stepped up and flew to Texas to help find homes for over 400 animals including tigers, lions, bears, and primates. Once Tammy arrived, it was obvious of the dire situation the animals at Wild Animal Orphanage were in. While Wild Animal Orphanage was once a reputable sanctuary, prior poor management and even worse financial planning drove the sanctuary to where they are now. Tammy spent several days at the facility assessing the animals and drafting a plan for screening and facilitating the placement of hundreds of animals. However, the work is not over. There are still hundreds of animals in need of homes and The Wildcat Sanctuary will now be a forever home to three bobcats and three tigers. These animals deserve a home for life…for the last time.

Harley, Lakota and Salem, the three bobcats, have already arrived at The Wildcat Sanctuary. They needed immediate vet care to treat a flea infestation and multiple types of parasites. Salem and Lakota are quite old and will need some further care. Harley is as her name suggests the wild one. All are doing well and once their parasites are under control will live next to Sebastian, a serval. They will have access to a building to get out of the chilly Minnesota winters.

Staff will return later this month to transport tigers Ekaterina, Sierra and Zeus to TWS. Ekaterina and Sierraoriginated from an exploitive breeder in Ohio. It took the combined efforts of the USDA, undercover agents and concerned citizens seven years to shut down Diana McCourt and the Siberian Tiger Foundation. This breeder charged the public to pet adult lions and tigers that were declawed, defanged and chained down to a platform. During this time, the USDA investigation included eight allegations of attacks on visitors in an eight month period. Once the facility was closed down, Joseph and his lion pride were placed at Big Cat Rescue of Florida. The Wildcat Sanctuary offered to take the remaining tigers, Ekaterina and Sierra, but instead they were transported to a facility in Texas with funds from IFAW. It has come full circle for Ekaterina and Sierra, and we can now give them their final rescue and a place that will truly be their home for life.


Zeus a rescued tiger that will be arriving at TWS this month

Zeus is twelve years old and several hundred pounds of happiness. He lives alone and seems to enjoy his keeper’s company more than other tigers. He never misses a chance to chuff hello.

The situation for these animals is dire. They have suffered enough and it is our time as an organization of animal lovers to come together and provide them with the life of dignity and care they so deserve. We need your help today!

Your donation will go towards: Heated dens at $500 each, small pools at $300 each, transportation estimated $2,000, and permanent habitats estimated $45,000 for all.  Here at The Wildcat Sanctuary it is our mission to give the animals the best quality of life we can provide. Any donation big or small will go towards that care and compassion.

Our small sanctuary can make a big difference with your help.  Please donate today to help rescue the Texas Tigers. 

Donate online and put “Texas Tigers” in the notes section.
Donate via
Mail checks to:
TWS PO Box 314, Sandstone MN 55072

Thank you to Wildcat Haven and Safe Haven Rescue Zoo for taking in two lions and tigers! Many other organizations have also stepped forward to help with placement! We will continue to add thanks to those organizations as we receive confirmation.

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