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Tigress Pandora has surgery at the University of Minnesota



It’s not every day the vet staff of the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center welcomes a 300-pound tiger as a patient. But today’s an important day for tigress Pandora!



Pandora’s story

This 13-year-old Bengal tiger was recently rescued and transported cross-country by The Wildcat
  She and three other tigers arrived from a defunct roadside zoo out west. These tigers were bred so the public could pay to play and have pictures taken with them – for a price.

Sadly, roadside attractions like this rely on the constant breeding of big cats. But, when these wild cats are too big to handle, where do they all go?

Fifteen sanctuaries collaborated to provide sanctuary to over 110 big cats and bears from this facility.

Why does Pandora need surgery?

Several of the tigers from that facility had to have emergency surgery for reproductive issues shortly after being rescued.

Pandora’s mother and aunt had reproductive issues that led to emergency surgeries at other sanctuaries.  The good news is, if Pandora’s surgically spayed, she should go on to lead a long, healthy life.

Her life is priceless

As you can imagine, spaying an animal as large as a tiger isn’t an easy task, nor an inexpensive one! Since this is a serious procedure, it was in Pandora’s best interest to have the expert team at the university perform this procedure.

Pandora’s surgery requires her to be fully anesthetized for 3-4 hours. She’ll be closely monitored for several days after her surgery. A laparoscopic spay is being performed.  Only the ovaries will be removed through two mini incisions.

When you’re dealing with a tiger, the smaller incisions allow for less post-operative pain. That leads to a faster recovery time than a traditional spay. No one wants a grumpy tiger in pain for very long. So this procedure will help minimize Pandora’s discomfort.

The other option would be not to spay her. But, like her relatives, she may develop a life-threatening infection.  Wanting what’s best for her, that simply isn’t an option we’d choose. 

Donations for her vet procedure and daily care during the sanctuary’s Miracle Match campaign will be matched  (up to $50,000 by generous supporters).

Yes, I want to help tigress Pandora!!


The Wildcat Sanctuary’s Miracle Match campaign helps provide free-roaming habitats, food, enrichment and vet care to over 100 rescued residents and runs through April 30th!

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