TWS Advocates for Big Cats & Public Protection Act

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Big Cat Protection Act1Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act

Founder Tammy Thies joined animal experts and advocates from around the nation at a public forum to support the Big Cats and Pubic Safety Protection Act.

In Ohio, they know all too well the tragedy that comes from having tigers, lions and other big cats kept in a backyard menagerie.We are sure you remember what happened in Zanesville. Local first responders, who were neither trained nor properly equipped to deal with a situation of that magnitude, responded the best way they knew how and were forced to shoot and kill nearly 50 animals – 38 of them big cats – before they could enter populated areas.We don’t ever want to see that tragedy repeated.

On the heels of Congress’s introduction of the Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act, IFAW sponsored a public forum in Columbus at the Ohio Statehouse Atrium.

The panel of speakers included an emergency room doctor who spoke of the lack of preparedness for emergencies involving critical injuries due to OH State housebig cat attacks and other exotic animal incidents; Directors of exotic animal sanctuaries shared first-hand accounts of unsafe housing situations and neglected animals; A veterinarian who has conducted countless declaws and canine teeth extractions on “pet” cats emphasized the safety risks involved; Public safety officers shared their stories of unexpected encounters with big cats and why statistics don’t reflect those incidents.

This group of advocates for animal welfare, public safety, and “common sense” stood together at the Ohio Statehouse following a rally for support for the Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act, H.R. 1998 — with Bobbi Brink, Patrice Kumaran, Jay S Kumaran, Amy Hartzell, Lori Wilson Gagen and Tammy Quist Thies at Ohio Statehouse.

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