Volunteers and donors support Tammy Thies as Executive Director

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To Whom it May Concern:

I was shocked to receive the email that Tammy Thies has stepped down from Director.  Not knowing where this has come from it concerns me for the sake of the animals.  SHE is the founder of TWS.  SHE has given up so much of her life for the rescue and placement of these cats.  SHE is the one that went to the State Legislative to stop the breeding and ownership of big cats in the state of MN.  Tammy is a recognizable person in the media’s eye.  Whether it is be on local news channel regarding her opinion of a recent cat attack in another state or on Animal Planet, people value her opinion and information. She has developed a fantastic relationship with the DNR and Minnesota Zoo. Tammy’s story alone on how she started with TWS is very inspiring to so many people because she was just a young girl trying to help out a few animals, contacting Tippi Hedren on advice and NEVER thinking or hoping it would turn into something this big. The story alone of Tango and Titan meeting them as cubs and years later crossing paths and being able to save one of them, I can never tell with a dry eye.

One of the reasons (I think) the TWS has been able to have the following that she does has a lot to do with her just being “Tammy”, a girl from the Midwest with a desire to help big cats NOT collect big cats.  Her passion and love for each and every one of these cats is seen in her daily routine and talk.

If this is Tammy’s decision, then I support her because no one knows what is best for TWS more than her.  If this is not her decision, then I am afraid of the direction TWS will go.  I thought having a Board of Directors would be an improvement to TWS, never expecting her role as Director ever be taken away.

I know there has been talk among other “veteran” volunteers that they would leave if anything drastic would ever happened and I know you can always find others to replace us. I just don’t think that you could ever find someone to replace Tammy Thies.  This is a Sanctuary for the cats that have no choice but live out the rest of their lives, not a business.

Thank you for reading.

Nancy Iskierka

14+ yr volunteer

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