What’s ahead at The Wildcat Sanctuary for 2015?

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ShazamI feel blessed to look back at 2014 seeing how much we’ve accomplished for the cats together!  I’m even more excited about 2015 and the difference we can continue to make in the lives of so many.

Because of you, our organization continues to grow and has been named one of the top 10 animal sanctuaries in the country by Tigers in America and One Green Planet.  Not only are we providing a home for life at the Sanctuary, but your help has empowered millions of people to help end the big cat crisis.  And with that momentum, we can do so much in 2015!

Our advocacy programs will continue to be in the forefront to decrease the number of wild cats being mistreated and needing sanctuary.  This will include:

  • Furthering our No More Wild Pets campaign in select markets where legislation is pending or cruelty cases are being investigated.
  • Launch of our No More Wild Cats As Props campaign which includes a 30 second spot advocating for No More Cub Petting.  Our No More Wild Cats As Props also aims to end live tigers and other wild cats used as mascots.
  • Advocating the work of the Paw Project and educating the issues and cruelty associated with declawing wild cats and working toward ending this practice.
  • Continuing to act as placement coordinator nationwide for wild cats in need through our No Wild Cat Turned Away

At the Sanctuary, we also have big plans for our residents:Haley

  • Continue our Wild Spaces program and upgrade habitats with pools, platforms, lounging hammocks and shaded areas.
  • Renovate the two remaining habitats in Small Cat Track for African servals and caracals.
  • Continue construction in Feline Meadows for our native bobcats and lynx, including setting the concrete slab for the central animal building.
  • Upgrade our on-site veterinary hospital and equipment to ensure we provide the best care for our geriatric residents. We will continue to network with leading specialists within the state and around the country.
  • Renovate Hybrid Haven so that residents have a more dynamic indoor space.
  • Expand TWS’ 24/7 overnight safety coverage to include 24/7 animal care coverage by adding additional staff and shifts.
  • Continue behavioral modification training for high stress cats and cats that need further stimulation.
  • Perform maintenance on several areas of the grounds and older enclosures.

While I am extremely excited about what the future holds, I am also realistic that we have some obstacles that lie ahead of us:

  • 45 of our 105 cats are senior or geriatric (over the age of 12) and 27 of those are Ashaover 15 years old. Saying good-bye is going to come more frequently and each passing takes a little bit of our heart with it. They will never be forgotten and their legacy will be leaving an opening for another animal in need.
  • The more we speak out to end breeding and selling of wild and hybrid cats, the more attacks we receive from groups that promote this.  They have tried to spam our Facebook page, send threatening emails, as well as start bullying campaigns. We will continue to take the high road and educate about the issues, knowing we are making a difference for so many animals in need.

Our work has never been easy, but it is so worthwhile. I look forward to sharing all that YOU make possible as we move forward creating a more compassionate world for animals.

I always love hearing from you and your thoughts about our work.  There are so many ways you can continue to be involved through our donor volunteer days, or formally join our volunteer program, becoming a sponsor parent or providing special skills such as construction, event planning and more.

Don’t ever hesitate to reach out and call me.  My office number is 320-245-6871 and my email is cat@wildcatsanctuary.org.

With deep appreciation,

Tammy Thies
Founder & Executive Director


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