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What’s Ahead for 2021?



I’d like to thank you for everything you’ve already given to the cats this year.

Whether they’re big or little, spotted or striped, old or young, you’ve kept the cats happy, healthy, well cared for and, most of all, loved.

I’m so grateful to you for that!

And even though it’s been a year we’ve had to maintain our distance from one another, I feel we’ve actually grown closer as we’ve navigated successfully through 2020 together.

As we plan for 2021, here’s a brief list of our priorities for the cats & their care:

  • Construction will focus on the build out of the Animal Care Center
  • Staff will demolish and construct one additional Hybrid Haven yard
  • 2-3 new habitats with heated bungalows for our growing population of bobcats will be designed and built
  • We’ll continue habitat enhancement in several yards, including climbing and shade structures
  • Fencing and gates will be maintained & repaired
  • A new rescue van will need to be purchased
  • 1-2 UTV’s are needed for the caretaking department
  • We’ll continue to invest in safety and emergency response equipment
  • We’ll respond to and stay flexible with operations and development in this new COVID world
  • We’ll recruit and hire positions in Development and Animal Care for our growing organization

I know you have so many charities you can give to.
I’m incredibly proud to announce The Wildcat Sanctuary has earned a 4th consecutive 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, the nation’s largest and most-utilized evaluator of charities!
Charity Navigator’s president shared, “This is our highest possible rating and verifies that TWS exceeds industry standards and outperforms most charities in your area of work.
Only 20% of charities evaluated have received at least 4 consecutive 4-star evaluations.
This designation sets TWS apart from its peers and demonstrates to the public its trustworthiness.”

2020 Year in Review

As I look back at 2020, yes, it’s been one of the most challenging in our lives. But also one that has shown me just how devoted all of you are to our mission, no matter what the world throws at us.

  • You’ve supported us as we accomplished so much:
  • We welcomed 22 new cat residents, including 3 in our witness protection program.
  • We doubled the size of the sanctuary, acquiring an additional 45 acres.
  • We hired key positions – an Operations Director, Animal Care Manager and Clinic Coordinator.
  • We expanded our volunteer veterinary team and added 4 volunteer veterinary technicians.


  • 3 big cat habitats received new drainage, landscaping, transforming them into more dynamic outdoor spaces for the cats.
  • New platform systems were built in 3 big cat habitats.
  • 3 Hybrid Haven habitats were demolished and rebuilt with platforms, skywalks and more vertical space for the little ones.
  • We designed inventive new enrichment, like feeder barrels, to keep the cats stimulated.


  • Plow truck for rescues and snow plowing
  • SUV for rescues, supply runs, daily operations
  • Golf cart for sanctuary rounds
  • New boiler for Roar Ridge’s cat bedroom in-floor heating system
  • Air/heat installed in rescue transport trailer
  • Transport crates added for more emergency preparedness


  • 25 Volunteer “Crew” Days = 1,050 hours donated!
  • Volunteer Garden Team = 468 hours donated!
  • Social Media and Development Volunteers = 3,000 hours donated!


  • For months, we dealt with the backlash from the docuseries Tiger King. But it did give us a platform to raise awareness about the cruelty of cub petting operations.
  • I sat on the Steering Committee and was Rescue Committee Chair for the Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance.
  • The Big Cat Public Safety Act passed the House and is moving on to the Senate. Your voice still needs to be heard.

You helped us accomplish so much this year!

I’ll be honest, the pandemic has taught us just how strong an organization we are – thanks to your unwavering support.



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