White tiger cubs celebrate a WILD first birthday party!

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DSC_0878_LRThere’s been a lot of excitement building at Minnesota’s The Wildcat Sanctuary.  White tiger cubs Jeremy and Simon have been growing quickly since their rescue last year.  On Thursday, May 14th, the brothers celebrate their very first birthday – in a big tiger way!

Pool dunking, watermelon smashing, chicken chomping, frozen birthday cake slurping, the cubs have the time of their lives enjoying all the goodies sanctuary caretakers prepare to mark their special day.

Watch the cubs’ funny first birthday antics in this cute video:

image3aThough the sanctuary has rescued many tigers before, including some white ones, this is the first time they have ever rescued baby tigers.  And these two have proven to be a handful!  Known affectionately as the destructive duo, they’re about as rambunctious as you can imagine tiger tots could be.

DSC_0029_LRThey quickly outgrew their temporary space at the sanctuary and are looking forward to the new and improved “wild space” being prepared for them at the sanctuary this summer.

The Wildcat Sanctuary has a “Wild Space” fundraising campaign to raise funds for an in-ground, tiger-sized pool for these two, as well as the big trees and high perches they’ll love.  Since this will be their home for the next 20+ years, they’ll need plenty of room to roam to live wild at heart the rest of their days at The Wildcat Sanctuary.


We hope you’ll help make Jeremy and Simon’s birthday wishes come true by helping HERE 



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