Wild Woodlands Update

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It has been a long, chilly and snow filled winter here at The Wildcat Sanctuary.  Just when things were starting to let up, the snow was melting and the sun was warm, a blast of snow came once again.  We have been working on building out our new area called Wild Woodlands for about five months now, and we would probably be done with two habitats if it weren’t for all the darn snow.  But slowly and surely we are making progress. 

Zeus habitat

Zeus' new 5,000 sq. foot habitat

We are just putting the finishing touches on Zeus’ new habitat; building his perch, finishing his lockout and putting on the double door.  Zeus is one of the six big cats rescued from Texas last year.  Currently, he is living in our quarantine area and we can’t wait to move him.  He will have 5,000 square feet of habitat to play in.  Zeus is quite the funny man. 

Zeus pool

Zeus enjoying his kiddy pool

He loves just about anything we give him for enrichment, especially his kiddy pool.  He dives right into it and slides all over the place, pretty hilarious to watch.  Our plan was to move him this week, however with the newly fallen foot of snow; his move will likely be delayed for a week or two. 

We are in the first stages of building Layla’s habitat, as well.  Layla is another of the big cats rescued from Texas last year.  She is an older tiger but still full of life.  At first, she was very timid but after just a few weeks here she really opened up.  Now she merrily chuffs (a tiger’s way to say hello) to Zeus or the keepers when we walk by.  Because Zeus liked his pool so much, we tried it with Layla, however she was not as enthused as Zeus was.  She does like perfume sprayed around her enclosure though and usually plays with her jolly ball when no one is looking.  She will be living right next to Zeus so we are hoping they like each other as much in their new spaces as they seem to right now.

Wild Woodlands will also be home to Kita, Sierra and Ekaterina,

Cougar building

Building example of what it will look like

 also rescued from Texas.  We have made the plans for the building which should be finished this summer or fall.  The building will of course be temperature controlled, as our other three are and we are sure the cats from Texas will appreciate this greatly next winter.  Wild Woodlands will also be home to some of our smaller residents.  In our plans, there will be a divider wall inside the building so the bobcats, lynx and servals will not be so intimidated of their larger neighbors.  In all, we hope to build ten free-roaming habitats that will support 15 to 20 residents depending on which groups of small cats get moved.  The buildings really do make a difference in all aspects of animal husbandry.  They are easier to clean, provide a safer more spacious living area in the winter than our dens and allow keepers to more closely monitor food intake and overall well-being of our residents. 

If you would like to donate to our Wild Woodlands project, click here.  Coming soon we will have a video update of Wild Woodlands including Zeus’ big move until then click here to watch all of our other wonderful videos.  Thank you for all of your continued support, it is greatly appreciated.

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