Wildcat Sanctuary’s busy building lots of new fun for their rescued cats to enjoy!

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“Summer time and the livin’s easy” – or at least that’s how the song goes.  If you’re one of our rescued cats, it’s very true! But, for staff, interns, volunteers, and contractors, these long summer days mean hours of hard work reconstructing, remodeling and building habitats for the cats. We’re thankful for the extra days of sunlight since we can get so much done for them now.


Our Small Cat Track section of the Sanctuary is where cats like bobcat Nikko, lynx Cleo, caracal Sampson, and all of our servals live.  Some have been here since we first established the Sanctuary, some are brand new rescues.  As senior cats or even as shy cats, some need habitats of their own. Rather than living communally with large groups as before, some need a little more quiet time for themselves.  That’s why we’re happy to be finishing up the last couple of habitats in this section for them.


DSC_1187_LROur Wild Woodlands section is where our tigers live, alongside jaguar Diablo Guapo, leopard Shazam, and lioness Shanti Deva.  This section is undergoing the biggest transformation.  With the help of Tigers in America and the International Fund for Animal Welfare, we’ve been able to add in-ground pools for two of the tigers, as well as large trees, and we’re working on some pretty awesome platforms and perches now.  You, our DSC_0029_LRdonors are helping us provide the same upgrades for two additional tigers. Shanti Deva will also receive two trees in memory of Asha and Aslan.

YOU can also help us continue these types of improvements for more tigers, as well as modifications for Diablo Guapo, Shazam, and Shanti Deva’s habitats.  Over the next year, we’ll be building out our Feline Meadows section of the Sanctuary, anticipating more cats in need of rescue, too.  That’s why our WILD SPACES campaign is so important.

Your gifts help many live ‘wild at heart’ and we’re so thankful you’re busy helping us this summer in your own special way, too – by giving any amount you can HERE


Here is the progress you have made possible!  See MORE images of tigers enjoying their new pools HERE.



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